The philosphy of Lornet combines passion with transparency, modernity, elegance, simplicity and innovation. Lornet fully intends to restore the reputation of French watchmaking worldwide, and is therefore justly proud to be unveiling its very first creation, the LA-01, in a limited edition of just 100 pieces.


"Passion is a great way of excelling oneself – over and over again"

Had each of the team not been passionate about watchmaking, Lornet would never have been able to overcome the challenge it faced. The brand Lornet was born out of this passion for mechanics, manufacturing and producing outstanding timepieces, designed and developed with a love for beautiful artefacts. Passionate people embarking on an adventure together, for passionate people everywhere.


"Innovation is fuelled by imagination, creativity and ambition."

Watchmaking is a world in which everything is constantly being called into question, so Lornet is constantly seeking to offer its clients new developments. The team strives relentlessy to push back the boundaries of imagination when it comes to well-made, high-performance timepieces that are both reliable and innovative. The first LA-01 caliber – fully developed, manufactured and assembled in France – is the fruit of two years͛ worth of development, and above all, of a common passion.


"Our desire for transparency has naturally led to the desire to share the sources of our creativity"

This approach is as distinctive as it is unusual in watchmaking. Lornet has decided to apply full disclosure when it comes to all partners who have contributed to the manufacture of the watch. Lornet has thus revealed the origin of each of the parts in its exclusive caliber. This in turn allows others to find out about the machining operations carried out by the brand͛s partners. Watch-lovers can also admire the leatherwork, carried out in a workshop where all the straps are hand-sewn. The same ground-breaking policy has been applied right through to making the box, crafted using wood from the surrounding forests.

Looking ahead

"We're already devising Lornet's future"

Lornet is a brand that is being built to last extra parts are being made for each component, ensuring that original parts will be available to future generations if needs be for repairs on any model. The brand͛s fully-independent nature also protect it from speculation and pressure from larger corporations.